Automating Power BI deployments: A series

I recently developed a PowerShell script to automate the deployment of Power BI workspaces and reports, while doing some other interesting things along the way. In this series we are going to walk through the entire process, using PowerShell and a combination of the Power BI cmdlets and Power BI API…

Automating Power BI deployments: PowerShell basics

If you are going to use PowerShell to automate your deployments, it makes sense to have some understanding of how it works. You don’t have to be a PoSh expert (I certainly am not), but knowing the basics will make things easier down the line…

Restore a Power BI workspace

Fun fact: When you delete a workspace in Power BI, it doesn’t really get deleted immediately. The State of the workspace changes from “Active” to “Deleted” and will only be removed later when there is a need for space in your tenant. This “soft delete” mechanism causes some nuances when you try to create workspaces …

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