Moments that matter: The Auditors

I know it’s a cliche, but there’s a reason the phrase “it depends” is used widely by good consultants. And honestly, from my own experience, I probably use it now more than ever after ~20 years’ experience.

This story is how my inexperience (almost) got me into a whole heap of trouble, and how…

Moments that matter: The Doctor

It was early in my career, and the first time I really developed a Data Warehouse end-to-end. The project was for a company that managed the entire fleet of vehicles for the local government agencies, and the goal was to replace the manually compiled reports and reduce the thousands of pages that had to be…

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Hi, I’m Martin. I like to help people make sense of their data, using Microsoft technologies. This blog is my attempt at giving back to our awesome community, from which I have received so much. Hope you find it worth reading!

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