Upgrade SSRS 2005 to 2012: Issues Encountered

I promised a separate post (way too long ago) to detail some of the issues I’ve encountered while upgrading from SSRS 2005 to SSRS 2012. The good news is that I’ve only really had one issue with an upgrade, so this post is going to be fairly short.

I will however update it with any new issues I discover along the way.

URL References to Files/Images Hosted within Reporting Services

I have to admit that this was an interesting one…company logos were uploaded to a folder within the Reporting Services site, and referenced (via the web service) in the following manner: http://server/reportserver?/images/logo.png&rs:Command=GetResourceContents

The above worked perfectly fine with SSRS 2005, but once upgraded to 2012 the images were no longer displayed. To resolve the issue, every single report had to be updated to use relative URL references for the images: ../images/logo.png

Needless to say it was a little painful and time consuming to resolve, but no harm done. The exact reason for this issue however still remains a mystery…

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