I get to do some very cool things for customers, and count myself extremely fortunate to have an opportunity to learn something new and do something useful…and get paid for it! I recently developed a PowerShell script to automate the deployment of Power BI workspaces and reports, while doing some other interesting things along the way. At the end of it I knew it was something I wanted to blog about as it may be useful to somebody else out there, but there was just too much content for a single blog and I thought it best to split the individual components and create a series.

In this series we are going to walk through the entire process, using PowerShell and a combination of the Power BI cmdlets and Power BI API. There’s also a few other goodies that I’ve learned on my PowerShell journey and would like to share. Here’s a list of all the items we’re going to cover:

  1. PowerShell basics
  2. Connecting to the service
  3. Creating a workspace
  4. Deploying reports
  5. Update report parameters
  6. Change data source credentials
  7. Update refresh schedule
  8. Trigger a refresh
  9. Assign workspace permissions

Want to download the PowerShell scripts to perform these actions? Get it from my GitHub repo.

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