Day 2 of Summit week started with some community meetings. I was able to attend the SQL Saturday organizers meeting, and the stats are encouraging: More than 100 SQL Saturday events last year.

That means more than 100 events where community members took it upon themselves to organize a day of free training. What many people don’t know is that these organizers take financial responsibility/ownership of the event as well. If there aren’t enough sponsors to cover the cost, these people have to pay out of their own pockets!!

This is what the SQL Server community is all about: People who are willing to take on a lot of risk and responsibility for the sake of others. I personally would like to see PASS do more to assist the local User Groups, whether to achieve non-profit status or by getting an easier solution to some of the logistical issues surrounding registrations. Don’t get me wrong, a lot is being done and I think that progress is being made…I just think that we can/should do even more.

Getting ready for the opening party tonight, I had to take in the last bit of sunshine for the week. See you all tonight!!

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