The first day of conference sessions at the Summit, and also the Microsoft keynote where they tell us about all the cool and new things that are coming.

I’ll admit it…I like the “new” Microsoft. I remember past years where the keynote on day one felt like a marketing pitch, grossly underestimating the intelligence of the audience. For the past few years though it seems like it is more to the point and showing where real value is being added to the respective technologies. There is of course still a bit of marketing, but that is to be expected.

A few interesting and noteworthy features that are coming (or already here):

  • A new cross-platform tool (Microsoft SQL Operations Studio) that will replace SQL Server Management Studio and work on all flavors of SQL Server.
  • “Get Data” (or Power Query) available in Azure Analysis Services.
  • Adaptive query processing and auto-tuning in SQL Server.
  • Azure Data Factory v2, with the ability to execute SSIS Packages.

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